Eventorian Inflatables, Inc. is fully insured. We deliver to all city, county, and state parks that allow inflatables. Generally public facilities such as parks and recreation centers require the party host to acquire additional insurance from the vendors insurance provider in order to list the city and all its officers as an undersigned in the insurance policy. Eventorian Inflatables meets California State Law coverage requirements. We are not able to change our coverage amounts for a particular event.


It is recommended to reserve products at least 1 week before events that require additional insurance to allow time for processing the required paperwork.
For any additional insurance paperwork, we require at least 2 weeks in advance as this takes a longer time to process paperwork with insurance company. Additional fees do apply to certain types of paperwork that are out of the normal request, please contact us for more information at

Park Orders

It is customers responsibility to obtain a permit from the park and to follow up with the park to see if they have received any required paperwork from us. All parks have different requirements, park officials will notify customers what is needed when they acquire a permit.

Third Party Members: We do not provide a Certificate of Insurance to third parties. They need to have their own insurance policy.

Visit Park Rentals for more information.

Damage Waiver Information

Damage Waiver must be paid for before the event and cannot be added after the event to cover the equipment. Damage Waiver must be ordered for each product for it to be covered.

Events Covered By Damage Waiver

Rain or flood.
Fire (not intentional fire caused by Renter).
Damage caused by wind storm.
Damage caused by riot (for large events).
Damage caused by collision (not foreseeable).
Damage caused by any acts of God (i.e. tree fall, lightning, earthquake, hailing).

Events Not Covered By Damage Waiver

Theft of any Eventorian Inflatables' unit(s).
Intentional damage arising from, but not limited to: Sharp objects intentionally used on or in unit. Use of any chemical compound that can harm unit.
Any damage from misuse arising from, but not limited to, any disregard of safety rules located on unit.
Any damage arising from relocation or modification of unit without Eventorian's approval.